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What is the TEACH FLEET
TEACH FLEET is an acronym for Technology's Effects and Contributions Highlighted for Learning
Ecological Environmental Topics. In other words TEACH FLEET means how ships and technology interact with the environment. We are a non profit organization that builds LEGO ships for education and conducts LEGO based activities for STEM, maritime, environmental, and diversity & history programs.


Why does the TEACH FLEET use LEGO ships

We use LEGO bricks because they're the world's most popular toy, and we use them to reach people of all ages about the positive and negative effects of technology on the earth's environment which is 71% covered by water. We build ships and teach about ships and the environment because 90% of global trade moves over 71% of the earth's environment by ship or boat.

We do this with new ideas and innovative programs that appeal to all ages.

  • We build detailed LEGO ship replicas for the maritime industry including training ships for maritime colleges, oceanographic research vessels for universities, pilot boats for pilot associations, and tugboats for tugboat operators. These replicas are often displayed at public outreach events to educate the public and inspire youth. We can build a detailed scaled LEGO replica of your boat or your company's ship.

  • We share our Build-A-Ship to Learn-A-Lot hands on building activity with all ages to teach the public about 16 different types of ships and how each is related to a different environmental science topic. Participants build the LEGO kit and learn what is the unique purpose and design of each ship and what effect does that have on the environment. We can bring our Build-A-Ship to Learn-A-Lot  hands on building activity to any venue for groups of 32 or more.  

  • We share STEM diversity and history with the world's largest fleet of 200 LEGO ships named for women and minorities in honor of their STEM contributions. We share the rich diversity of their often overlooked and underappreciated accomplishments by displaying their biographies and photographs with our LEGO creations at schools and events. We can bring our STEM diversity and history display to fit the size of your venue from 500 sq. ft. up to 6,500 square feet (gymnasium floor 50 tables).

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