The TEACH FLEET LEGO® "Build-A-Ship to Learn-A-Lot" workshop is a hands on learning activity that is perfect for any informal learning environment for all ages. It's been proven to be a popular family activity at large public events and venues.


It's a fun way to create conversations about our environment, ships and technology in a way that explains the relationship between technology and the environment. It's also a family activity where children and parents can work together to build and learn.


  • Participants build 16 different types of ships each related to a different science topic

  • Participants learn about the basic types of ships

  • Participants learn about environmental science topics

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These are the elements of the “Build-A-Ship to Learn-A-Lot” workshop:

  1. There's a 15 minute presentation about 16 different types of ships related to 16 STEM topics.

  2. There's a LEGO shipbuilding activity of the 16 TEACH FLEET LEGO ship kits related to the STEM topics with placards describing the ship and its science topic.

  3. Each participant reads all 16 ship and science topic placards everyone is given a questionnaire to complete with one question for each ship and science topic to complete as they build each ship kit.

  4. Each participant that builds all 16 of the kits receives a TEACH FLEET LEGO master shipbuilder certificate.

  5. Each participant gets a kit at the end of the session (if included in per person fee).

  6. Each participant is given a suggested reading and resource list.

This is what you'll learn at the workshop:

  1. Learn how to build 16 different LEGO Build-A-Ship kits

  2. Learn about each type of ship design like what it's used for, where it's used and what does it carry

  3. Learn what kind of body of water where the ship operates and the environmental science topics related to it.

  4. Informal learning from group discussions after the presentation and individual study from the suggested reading and resource list.